Sat 20:00 / Masterclass »Poetry across the borders«


D/NL 2016 | 08:00 min
Regie: Ruut van der Beele, Jonah Falke
Gedicht: "Landstreicher" Frouke Arns


A man is sitting in his chair. His son and granddaughter say goodbye. Just before they leave the room the son opens the window. After a while the man stands up, takes his jacket and also leaves. In the empty room a bird appears in the window frame. He looks around and flies into the room. When the man comes back he looks at the bird flying around. He is not scared of the bird, so neither is the bird of him. Are you allowed to make friends with something you don’t know? And are you able to miss things you don’t know?

Ruut van der Beele, Jonah Falke
Ruut van der Beele (1971) is a filmmaker and Jonah Falke (1991) is a writer, both from the Netherlands. It’s the first time that they made a film together. For the film “Kismo” they wrote and directed together.