Sat 20:00 / Masterclass »Poetry across the borders«

Vierfarbendruck | Four Colours

D/NL 2016 | 08:02 min
Regie: Sina Seiler
Gedicht: "Dolce far niente" Frouke Arns


A couple dreams of a self-determined life. A new situation confronts the two as they forget about the essence of their ordinary, quotidian lives to chase their dreams.

Sina Seiler
Film and Media Studies that University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Tübingen and DAMS (Drama, Arts and Music Studies) Bologna, Italy. She worked for many years at the ZKM (center for Art and Media Technology) at Karlsruhe. Her work, the Poetryfilm “Elephant” (2013), was shown in the 2014 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, and among many other international literature and film festivals.